Dianne Best
Personal Web Page

My previous Web Page had been active since 2011 and much of the information was out of date so it was time for a NEW Web Page for 2018! My interests change and much of the content of the previous Page is no longer relevant so it has been retired to the ARCHIVE.

The new Web Page is organized into "Interest Groups".
Click on any topic heading to see related material.

(Headings NOT underlined are yet to be completed.)

Antique Motorcycles
Motorcycle Clubs
Guardians of the Children
Antique Motorcycle Club of Manitoba
Sadie Grimm Ride

Harley Charging System Failure

Live Steam Railroading
My equipment
Re-Plumbing the American
Page 1

(new gauge glass, new steam lines, servcie crosshead pumps, new firebox door latch)

Page 2
Page 3
(wooden trim)
Page 4
(replumbing the tender, adding the injector)
Page 5
(new crosshead pumps)

Worthington Duplex Pump

Manitoba Live Steamers & Model Engineers

Machine Shop Work
My equipment
Shop Projects
Re-Plumbing the American

Luthier Work
National 1936 Trojan (Resonator) Guitar

The evolution of an Audiophile

Overhauling a TEAC A3300SX-2T